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The Speaking&Writing exam is the optional complementary module of the English core tests.


Part 1: English Speaking Test

Eight general conversational questions in the English language. Answers (max.1min long) are recorded and evaluated in four aspects: lexical and grammatical range, lexical and grammatical accuracy, fluency, coherence.

Part 2: English Writing Test

Two tasks assessing written interaction (forms, notes, messages) and written English production (reports and short essays, up to 150 words).

Complementary exam for English core tests of all levels

Speaking&Writing exam can be taken after the successful completion of the TrackTest Core test (Receptive skills- Grammar/Reading/Listening) for the specific CEFR level (A1-C2).

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Successful speaking and writing results (Meets the Level/Above the level) are added automatically to the TrackTest CEFR certificate for the specific level. Speaking&Writing test protocol is prepared by our raters and shared in the user account.

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