Tracktest English Certificate

The English language proficiency certificate confirms the successfully completed English exam at a certain CEFR level.

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Certificates are provided by Tracktest English Assessment, a global provider of English tests and an institutional affiliate of the Association of Language Testers in Europe.


Core and Complete tests

Standard certificates are provided for each level test successfully completed via the Tracktest platform.

Standard tests are provided with the maximum flexibility as is, i.e. without the time limit, identity verification, and online proctoring by Tracktest Assessment.

If the test is delivered via the local organization (displayed at the bottom of the certificate), they can provide their own on-site invigilation.

Standard certificate
Standard certificates for the Complete and Core test


Core and Complete tests

Verified certificates have the same tasks and test construct as the standard tests but are more suitable for the higher-stake application thanks to the added security layer:

  1. The test-taker’s identity is verified with the provided ID or passport. The name and profile photo from the certificate needs to match the information from the ID document.

  2. The test is taken in a proctored environment. Tracktest records test-takers and their actions with the camera during the whole test session to ensure that only they and not somebody else took the test. The time limit is mandatory.
Verified cetificate
Verified certificates for the Complete and Core test

Core test vs Complete test

Core English skills The Core test is the detailed assessment of receptive skills: Grammar (Use of English), Reading and Listening. You need to answer at least 65% questions correctly to pass the level and get the English Core certificate.


Complete English skills  You obtain the Complete test certificate if you add the test of productive skills-  Speaking and Writing to your Core test. You need to achieve an overall score of at least 65% with none of your sub-scores (Core, Speaking, Writing) below 44%.

Tracktest English Certificate includes:

  1. (Optional) Picture of the test-taker- only for the Verified exams
  2. Name of Examinee
  3. Type of the language exam- the Core test (receptive skills) or the Complete test (all receptive and productive skills)
  4. English CEFR Proficiency Level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) and level description
  5. Partial result (below the level, meets the level, above the level) for each receptive skill- Grammar/Use of English, Reading and Listening comprehension
  6. (Optional) Speaking&Writing result – only for the Complete test.
  7. Test ID and validation QR code– Test ID is a unique reference number of your English certification exam. If you have any questions regarding the results or English tests, you can use this number as a reference for the communication with Tracktest. It can be used also for checking the validity of the certificate at or via the provided QR code.
  8. (Optional) Provided via– The organisation or institution administering the test. If not listed, the exam was provided directly through Tracktest.

More details, feedback and most prevalent mistakes are provided in the test report.

Test reports

Test reports are generated in pdf format for all completed tests (even those not successful). The test report provides additional details and feedback on test-taker’s performance, such as net time spent, scores for all test sections, and grammar categories that should be improved (Prepositions, Conditionals, and Vocabulary in our example).

For the Complete test, comments from our raters on oral and writing performance are added to the second and third pages of the Test report.

Test report- 1st page (Summary and Core test)
Test report 2nd page (Speaking)
Test report 3rd page (Writing)

Frequently asked questions about the certificates

What is the best and most valuable English certificate?

The C2 certificate (Proficiency) is the highest of the six levels you can achieve.
The B2 level certificate (Upper-Intermediate) is the most demanded, as it is the minimum level proving an “active command of the English language.”

What score do I need to achieve the certificate?

For the Core test certificate, you need to achieve 65% or more of the correctly answered questions.
For the Complete test certificate, your total score has to be at least 65% with none of your sub-scores (Core, Speaking, Writing) below 44%.

I took the standard test. Can I get it later verified and add my photo to my certificate?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Unlike the verified tests, the standard tests do not use the proctoring security layer (front-facing camera, screen recording, etc.) so this format needs to be selected before the start of the test.
Take the new test if you need the Verified English certificate.

How can I check if the English certificate is valid and not forged?

We provide the online validity checker on our website: If you know the name and Test ID number, you can access the certificate online. For quick access, you can also point your phone camera at the certificate’s QR code.
Only the English certificates found in our database are valid.

Why wasn’t my certificate found in the Tracktest certificate validity checker?

You input the wrong details or we do not hold your account data and test results anymore.
We take your private information seriously, so we delete inactive Tracktest accounts that have not logged in in the last two years.
You are notified one month in advance, so you can extend the validity free of charge just by logging into your account.*
* note that different rules may apply if your tests have been provided via an organization (company or school)

Can I get a stamped original of the certificate?

A digital pdf version of your certificate is included in all licenses and is fully valid. However, if you or the accepting authority requires the printed stamped original, you can order the optional service Paper certificate by post where we print, stamp, and send you the certificate by post.

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