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Online English language proficiency assessment platform for admission and progress testing of students

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This English testing platform uses CEFR framework for assessing the language proficiency of students.

Schools and universities using Tracktest

Single platform for all testing scenarios

From the short free placement test to the complete, four-skills English tests with the remote online proctoring.
Schools, International Baccalaureate schools, universities and other educational organisations choose the test options which best fit their needs:


  • All English proficiency levels or only the level specifically required for admission.
  • Core receptive skills (Grammar, Reading, Listening) or include also Speaking and Writing assessment.
  • Optional online invigilation and identity verification for the test taken remotely from home.

All options are 100% web-browser-based, no software installation needed. Integration with the LMS systems (Moodle, Canvas, etc.) is available out of box.


Benefits of testing English in schools

    1. Improved language skills: Regular testing helps students identify areas of weakness and improve their overall proficiency in the English language.
      With the Tracktest annual license, you can re-test students multiple times during the school year free of charge.
    2. Increased motivation: Testing gives students a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to study harder and improve their scores.
      The Tracktest platform automatically provides the universal scores and progress chart for each student. 
    3. Standardized feedback: Test results provide students and teachers with valuable feedback on the effectiveness of their learning methods and teaching strategies.
      For each completed test, you get the test report with the grammar categories where students failed the most.  
    4. Recognition and validation: Providing language certificates by the independent authority is helpful for students who wish to apply for higher degrees or jobs in the future.
      International Tracktest certificates co-branded with your school logo serve as tangible evidence of their hard work and dedication.