Admission English Tests for Schools

With identity verification and online proctoring
of remote English test-takers through Internet

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Verified English exams for all grades

School administrators set the minimum English level required for admission.

TrackTest certificated English tests assess the English proficiency level of applicants: Receptive skills or Complete four-skills exams (incl. Speaking&Writing).

TrackTest also verifies the identity of test-takers and monitors their actions during the whole test duration confirming that they did not use any disallowed assistance (invigilation and proctoring).

verified test

Practical English assessment solution for school admission management

No installation. Students use standard web-browsers and front-facing camera present on almost every laptop or smartphone.

Anytime and anywhere. Students can take the test remotely from the comfort of their home and with flexible schedules (questions in each test will be different).

Results and verification protocols of the proctored exams are automatically shared with school administrators. Summary reports, excel exports, downloadable certificates are available in the administrator account.

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