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The frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TrackTest English proficiency test (test d’anglaisEnglisch Einstufungstestteste inglês.

Topics covered: English Core test time limits, optional Speaking and Writing exam, English certificate recognition, exam fees and others.

Which English language level should I choose?

Check the English language descriptors or take our free English placement test (pre-test), a  quick 10-min adaptive English grammar test. It will give you a recommendation on which level you should start with.  You also get instant feedback about how successful you are after each testing block so you can change the level during the test if you feel it is too easy or difficult.

There are tests for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. What do they mean?

These language proficiency levels are basedCEFR language levels on The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment. Abbreviated as CEFR, this guideline describes the level of language acquisition of learners of foreign languages. A1 and A2 are for English beginners, B1 and B2 for independent English users and C1 and C2 for proficient English users. Here you can find the detailed description of each English level based on the CEFR scale.

Where can I take this English proficiency test?

Anywhere. TrackTest English Proficiency Test is 100% online solution. You can take your English test at home, classroom or work. You only need a laptop or PC with speakers and internet connection to complete the test and get your English certificate.Please note that some institutions or countries may require our Verified test or take TrackTest as the in-class proctored test on their premises.

How much time do I need to finish the Core test?

The standard TrackTest English test for individuals does not have a time limit so you can take it without time pressure.
In general, you can expect to complete the Core English language test in about 30-45 minutes (depending on the level and your pace). You can interrupt your level test and return later to your account within 30 days from the start date. After 30 days, your incomplete tests are deleted and you can start your test from the beginning.
If you belong to the specific organisational account or you take the Verified exam, you might be required to complete the test before the specific time.
The Verified Core test for individuals needs to be finished in 50 minutes.

When do I get the result of the English level test?

The Core Test result is available immediately! With no delays and weeks of waiting. You get the preliminary results after each of three English test sections and at the end, you get the final score and percentage split for each English test section- grammar/reading/listening. The system will provide you also the analysis of English grammar topics you failed most.
When you pass the level test successfully, you get the digital English Core certificate you can download and attach to your CV resume or share it on your social network.
Verified exam: You get immediately the certificate in the standard format and after the successful verification by our team (within 7 business days), the standard certificate in your account is replaced by the verified certificate (with your photo and verification statement).
Speaking&Writing exam: When you decide to take also the Speaking&Writing exam and get the 4-skills English Complete certificate, these skills will be assessed by our raters team and added to your test result within 7 business days.
In order to successfully pass the Complete test, two conditions need to be met: 

  1. the Complete Test total score is 65% and more.
  2. none of the sub-scores (Core test, Speaking, Writing) is below 44%

Where can I find my incorrect answers?

We cannot publish the correct answers to the questions and tasks from your test in order to protect our intellectual property and avoid the washback effect. Note that none of the leading assessment systems provides it either. However, TrackTest system gives you extra feedback with the top three English grammar topics where you had the most mistakes in your test.

How is my Core test result calculated?

Your result is a percentage rate of all successfully answered questions. For example, if you answer correctly 50 out of 70 questions, you get 71%. Section results (e.g. for listening) are calculated similarly.  You need to answer more than 65% of all questions correctly to get the English certificate.

Where can I check if the certificate is valid?

If you want to ensure that the data in the certificate were not forged, you can use the validity checker of TrackTest certificates- Submit the test ID and name from the certificate and you will get the up-to-date original certificate pulled directly from TrackTest servers.

When does the English test certificate expire?

The TrackTest English test certificate is without expiration and it is provided with the lifetime validity. When your annual licence expires, you just cannot take the new tests but you keep the access to your previously completed tests.(Note: Certificates taken in Colombia and recognized by the Ministry of Education in Colombia have 2-years validity).
Your individual account and test results are deleted only in case you request deletion or you do not log in to your account for more than 24 months.

What is the Verified test?

The standard TrackTest English test is provided online as is- a user creates the account, takes the test and gets the immediate result and the English certificate. However, in some special cases such as high-stakes and admission exams, some organisations may require verification and proctoring during the test. This can be accomplished by taking the test in the affiliated assessment centres or taking the verified online test (*available in the selected countries only).
With the Verified test, TrackTest verifies the identity of the test-taker via webcam and government-issued identity card (driving licence, passport, ID card) and also controls the environment during the test. The verified certificate from TrackTest features also your picture and can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed the English level.

How does the Speaking&Writing Test work?

The English Speaking&Writing testspeaking proficiency in English is an optional module of TrackTest level test assessing the English productive skills of test-takers. It is enabled for all completed TrackTest English proficiency level tests for the extra fee charged per exam. The English Speaking&Writing Exam consists of two parts which can be also taken separately.
In the English Speaking Exam, your answers are recorded and assessed by our team of qualified raters. As a result, you get the exam protocol with the verbal assessment of your spoken skills and a successful result is added to the level certificate. The Speaking test takes about ten minutes and you will need a computer with the internal or external microphone. You can test the recording before the Speaking test activation.
In the English Writing test,  you get two tasks assessing written interaction (forms, notes, messages) and written English production (reports and short essays, up to 150 words). Your answers are assessed by our team of qualified raters. As a result, you get the exam report with the verbal assessment of your writing skills and a successful result (Above the level/meets the level/below) is added to the Complete level certificate.

Can I get a paper copy of my certificate?

Yes, you can order this optional service after you successfully complete the test. We will send the original stamped hard copy of your English certificate by post as a registered letter with the Track&Trace feature. Certificates are shipped globally from the European Union in the A4 size envelope. Standard postal delivery times apply.

Where can I use the TrackTest English certificate? Is it recognised?

English certificateTrackTest Online English Assessment Centre is an independent English language certification authority. Our English certificate can be used in any communication as a supporting document about individual English level proficiency (CEFR), e.g. as the attachment for the school admission process, job applications, resumes, curriculum vitae or Europass CV. Given our global coverage, we cannot guarantee the recognition by each educational institution around the world so please check the acceptance with your school before applying.
Applying for UK visa: Since April 2015, the UK government limited the number of English language test providers and channels for the test delivery. If the UK visa you’re applying for asks you to prove your English language ability you should use the Trinity College exam (UK-only) or IELTS exam in the approved test centres only that meet the Home Office’s requirements.  We have been informed that verified TrackTest certificates were successfully used for the visa application in some European countries, e.g. Denmark or the Czech Republic.
For use in a business environment, please find the growing list of corporations using this English exam certificate.

How much the TrackTest English test costs?

Registration and the English placement test (pre-test) are free of charge. For the access to English core tests, you need to purchase the licence or get the invitation via e-mail or the activation code (voucher) from our local partners.  A user licence grants you access to all level tests for the next 12 months. You can take a test for all levels and even try to improve the same test level result again every 30 days with no extra charge. (see more info on English proficiency test pricing).

I do not have money. What should I do?

You still can take our free English placement tests where you get the approximate CEFR proficiency level. For the detailed English assessment completed with an English certificate, you have to purchase the licence or get the activation code from your employer or school.

I do not have a voucher. Where can I get it?

Activation vouchers are used by organisations. If you did not get a voucher from your employer, school or assessment centre, you can use the credit card payment gate in your account to unlock the specific options.
If you do not have a payment card yourself, you can ask your friends or family. It is an affordable one-time payment.  Credit/debit cards are not tied or saved with the specific user account.

How can I delete my individual account?

Individual users can find the option to delete their account and all their tests in Edit profile. If your user account belongs to an organisation, you can ask your administrator for deletion. Alternatively, you can send us the request to the e-mail address:

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