English grammar CEF level requirements

English grammar proficiency depends on the CEF level. Select the CEFR level you need to take and check the minimum required in the TrackTest English Core exam, a general-purpose English language proficiency tests completed with the CEFR level certificate.

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English grammar requirements per CEF level (A1-C1)

A1 grammar

A1 adjectives and adverbs

A1 articles and quantifiers

A1 conditionals

A1 future tenses: 

A1 gerund and infinitive: 

A1 past tenses:

A1 modal verbs:

A1 prepositions:

A1 pronouns:

A1 present tenses:

A1 questions:

A1 vocabulary:

A2 grammar

A2 adjectives and adverbs

A2 articles and quantifiers

A2 conditionals

A2 conjunctions

A2 future tenses: 

A2 gerund and infinitive: 

A2 modal verbs:

A2 past tenses:

A2 prepositions:

A2 present tenses:

A2 pronouns:

A2 questions:

A2 vocabulary:

B1 grammar

B1 adjectives and adverbs

B1 conditionals

B1 conjunctions

B1 future tenses: 

B1 gerund and infinitive: 

B1 modal verbs:

B1 past tenses:

B1 prepositions:

B1 present tenses:

B1 pronouns:

B1 questions:

B1 vocabulary:

B2 grammar

B2 adjectives and adverbs

B2 conditionals

B2 future tenses: 

B2 gerund and infinitive

B2 modal verbs:

B2 past tenses:

B2 prepositions:

B2 present tenses:

B2 pronouns:

B2 questions:

B2 vocabulary:

C1 grammar

C1 adjectives and adverbs

C1 modal verbs:

C1 conditionals

C1 vocabulary:

General description for these English grammar topics is also provided in the test report after the completion of the exam.

Download the TrackTest grammar requirements per each CEFR level in pdf file Download (pdf)
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