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moodle integration for schools

Moodle is a popular open-source free learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities. It provides a platform for e-learning activities such as blended education or distance learning projects.

Installation package can be downloaded for free from their official website. The basic LMS installation allows various customisation thanks to the hundreds of community sourced plugins. The system has been translated in over 100 languages contributed by people in various countries. Name Moodle has its meaning. It is an acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment.
Similar LMS systems are Blackboard, Brightspace and Canvas.

Moodle for English language learning

There is a lot of interactive learning modules on Moodle which teachers may use when preparing their language course.
Features like Chats and Forums can be used for communication and conversation in English.
Marking of students’ work can be done with the help of Assignments and Workshops.
English proficiency tests can be covered with Quizzes albeit only to the limited extent. Teachers can create there a simple English grammar and vocabulary tests using their own content questions and methodology.

For more reliable and detailed results provided by the independent authority, educators can use the Moodle integration with English proficiency tests CEFR from TrackTest. Our English online assessment solution for schools is available out-of-box. It includes also analysis of the English weaknesses of students, certificates about completions and progress charts for students and classes. English tests evaluate grammar, reading and listening and take about 40 minutes.
Have you ever considered to assess also speaking skills of your students? Testing spoken English is quite cumbersome in Moodle. With TrackTest, teachers can utilise the module for English Speaking & Writing Test online. It records the answers of students online via TrackTest website. No installation is needed, students need only computers with Internet and microphone input. In 10 minutes, you can have tested all students instead of taking individual interviews with each student separately. All answers are saved and archived.

Integration with Moodle and other LTI-compatible LMS systems is simple. Add TrackTest as the external tool in your LTI-compatible system and the school accounts are automatically connected. Students do not need to create new accounts, they have been logged in the TrackTest automatically with their Moodle account. Subsequently, TrackTest English test results are shared with the Moodle system in the grade book.

You as the administrator or teacher only need to know the TrackTest API keys (public and secret) for your TrackTest school account which you can request after the school registration.

A short 3 min video tutorial explaining how to connect Moodle with TrackTest:

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