Baccalauréat (French state exam)

The Baccalauréat (BAC)

The Baccalauréat or BAC, is a French state national exam used in all types of high schools in France (General, Technological and Vocational).

The BAC diploma is achieved only if the average result from all tested subjects is equal to or higher than 10 out of 20 points.

The BAC diploma allows the high school students to pursue their studies in graduate schools (e.g. universities, engineering schools, etc.)

The BAC exam consists of different subjects chosen by the high school student but the foreign languages (such as the English language) ​​are mandatory. The English exam included in the BAC exam evaluates the reading, listening, oral and written English skills.

Same skills are evaluated in the TrackTest English exam: Grammar, Reading, Listening (Core test) and the optionally also Speaking and Writing.

Unlike in the BAC, TrackTest test-takers get the international certificate of proficiency in English, proving they have achieved a specific CEFR proficiency level in the English language. This English certificate can be used for the application to the post-bac graduate school or attached to curriculum vitae (CV).

Baccalauréat and Tracktest English test side-by-side comparison

Baccalauréat (BAC)Tracktest English Complete Test
Scale/Rating:Grades from 0 to 10 for the English exam of the B2 level.All six CEFR levels  (from A1 to C2) with the result in percentage points (65% cut-score)
Evaluated skills:Writing comprehension and production.
Oral comprehension and production.
Grammar, Reading and Listening comprehension, Oral and Written production)
Test duration:180 minutes for the English Writing test + 20-30 minutes for the Speaking production (taken on different days)45 minutes (Core test) + 20 minutes (Speaking&Writing)
Results available:Results are provided at the baccalaureate graduation approx. 3 weeks after the exam.Immediately + Verification and Speaking and Writing test in 7 business days.
The validity of the certificateLifetimeLifetime

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