Maturita in English language Exam
(official Slovak school exam)

Maturita (or Maturitná skúška) is a school-leaving exam for upper secondary education in Slovakia used in all types of high schools in Slovakia (General and Vocational).

The successfully completed Maturita is a requirement for Slovak high school students to pursue their studies in graduate schools (e.g. universities, engineering schools, etc.)

Maturita is managed by the state organisation NUCEM (National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements) founded by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

The exam consists of different subjects chosen by high school students and the English as a foreign language exam is one of them. Students can choose if they want to take the B1 or B2 level maturita exam in the English language (+C1 for bilingual schools). The English exam included in the matura exam evaluates Listening, Use of English, and Reading (called the External part (Externá časť) because it is rated centrally), and separately writing English skills (called the Internal part).

The same language skills are evaluated in the Tracktest Complete English exam: Grammar (Use of English), Reading, Listening (in the Core test), Speaking and Writing.

Unlike in the Maturita, Tracktest test-takers get the international certificate of proficiency in English, proving they have achieved a specific CEFR proficiency level in the English language. This English certificate can be used for the application to graduate school or attached to the curriculum vitae (CV). The Tracktest English language certificate is provided in the English language so there is no need to translate it when used for applications abroad.

Side-by-side comparison between the Maturita and Tracktest English tests

(Slovak) Maturita in the English languageTracktest Complete English Test
Scale/Rating:B1 (60 tasks) or B2 level (80 tasks) exam with the result in percentage pointsAccess to all six CEFR levels (from A1 to C2, 44 tasks) with the result in percentage points (65% cut-score)
Format:Pen&paper test in the classroom on the set dateOnline with computer or smartphone (in non-proctored or verified version)
Test duration:100/120 minutes for the External part + 60 minutes for the Writing production (taken separately)50 minutes (Core test) + optional 20 minutes (Speaking&Writing)
Results available:Results are provided approx. 3 weeks after the examImmediately (+Speaking and Writing and proctoring in 7 days
The validity of the certificate:LifetimeLifetime (with the English certificate)

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