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TrackTest English assessment offers various resources for English exam preparation or for the development of the language exam preparatory course.

Here you can find how to prepare for the language exam tasks (questions) as well as technical arrangements.

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How to prepare for the English exam content

By preparing for the exam, you can gain a better understanding of the language and become more confident in your ability to use it. This can help you to perform well on the exam and achieve the score you need to reach your goals, such as applying to a university or getting a job.

Preparing for a language exam can involve a variety of activities, such as studying grammar rules, practicing writing and speaking in the language, and taking practice tests.

Grammar (Use of English) is the first and typically the most difficult part of the test. If you want to know which grammar and vocabulary skills you need in order to pass the specific CEFR level (A1-C1), consult the minimum required CEFR level English grammar with examples of questions and excercises for these grammar topics:
Adjectives and adverbs, Articles and quantifiers, Conditionals, Conjunctions, Future tenses, Gerund and infinitive, Modal verbs, Past tenses, Prepositions (and prepositional phrases), Present tenses, Pronouns, Questions,Vocabulary.

If you want to familiarise yourself with the English test structure and tasks, download our practice test for the A2 level or the practice test for the B2 level.
The English language mock test includes the downloadable pdf, audio samples as well as the correct answers and the rating calculation.

The Speaking and Writing Exam is an assessment of English productive skills. You can take it after the completion of the Core test and get the Complete English certificate, the all four-skills assessment. Our raters prepared the video with tips on how to pass the English Speaking & Writing exam:

Technical preparation (structure, devices, and test environment)

You need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and functional speakers/loudspeakers (for the listening comprehension section). You can find more details about the Core test structure in this short tutorial:

The TrackTest Verified English exam uses the same test structure and content as the standard test described above but it is provided in the proctored environment with online invigilation and with identity verification. You will need a front-facing camera or webcam for this version of the test:

For the Speaking and Writing Exam, you need to have the completed Core test and a functional microphone. You will be able to test your microphone before the start of the test. You can find how it works in this tutorial:

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